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Melrose Quartet

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Blue Rose Code

4 Mar

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Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards (USA)

13 Dec


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Bringing together two legendary duos in the shape of multiple BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winners Nancy Kerr and James Fagan and acclaimed Sheffield duo, Richard and Jess Arrowsmith (Crucible, Hekety, Pecsaetan), the band capture imaginations with their bold take on old and new English songs and tunes. Glorious four-part harmony singing combines with crunchy twin fiddles, full-bodied melodeon and powerful bouzouki in a set that will leave your heart singing and your feet tapping. Their live performances infect audiences with the warmth and sparkle that these four seasoned musicians feel when they unite.


‘I was stunned by the group's vocal harmonies - it was the best four part unaccompanied singing I've heard in ages. An inspired ensemble so obviously playing for joy.’  – Martin Simpson  More>>

Just saw this message on FB:


'We've arrived in Shetland! Always an absolutely amazing place to be and to land, but especially this time, after an emergency landing due to one engine giving out on our airplane. Very strange to see only one propeller spinning... I'm glad I couldn't see the flames! We're all safe now & ready for some rest!'


We're all relieved that you are all safe and sound, April!







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Bronwynne Brent (USA)

01 Apr

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15 Apr

Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party

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Angel Snow &

Matthew Perryman Jones (USA)

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28 FEB

Angel and Matthew crop

Tim O'Brien (USA)

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29 JAN

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Rod Picott (USA)

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22 JAN

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April Verch Photos

By TLR, Nov 12 2015 06:03PM

April Verch's Plane Journey To Shetland

By TLR, Nov 12 2015 06:08PM

Bronwynne Brent web April Verch 2nd visit 1 April's band

Kris Drever plus support

10 Apr

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