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from Mobile, Alabama

Lisa Mills

JUL 31

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from Nashville, Buddy Mondlock



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from the USA, Betty & The Boy

13 Sep


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from Texas: Danny Schmidt

27 Sep


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Chris Wood

2 Oct


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An old friend of ours from our Live at the Talbot days in Wales, we’re delighted to welcome Lisa to The Live Room for the first time.


Currently receiving praise for her re-recording of her 2005 album, ‘I’m Changing’ with Grammy-winning producer Trina Shoemaker (Sheryl Crow, Beth Neilsen Chapman, Indigo Girls) at the helm, Lisa is one of the greatest soul/blues singers you’ll ever hear, up there with Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt. She’s no mean guitar slinger either! More>>

Buddy Mondlock 2 Betty and The Boy

We presented a show, back on 22nd March, promoting The Little Unsaid, as Ron and I believed that they deserved recognition.  They stunned our very small audience back then for their great musicianship and fabulous performance.  We will definitely be getting them back for a return show to promote their new album, Fisher King.  They've also impressed Bob Harris: he played a track from this new album on his show last Sunday.  You can catch the show from this link, their track appearing about 45 mins into the programme.


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Little Unsaid featured on

Bob Harris Show

tlr blog

from the USA, Eugene ' Hideaway' Bridges Band

19 Sep


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TLR New Large

Two days of free music, featuring eight acts in the car park of Caroline Club!

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